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Cardiac Sciences

    Max Department of Cardiac Sciences strives to provide the patients with expert treatment and care.

    We believe in offering the patients with an ethical and open environment to recover. . Our Cardiac Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and Cardiologists provide complete cardiology care to patients of Rheumatic Heart disease, which is the commonest heart disease in Kenya and other developing countries. It is a disease of poverty and even the best hospitals in Kenya are having a tough time in combating this generic issue. Our team of experts believes in carrying out an in-depth investigation of the patient condition taking into account patient’s complete medical history therefore strategizing a tailored treatment and cost-effective recovery plan for each.

    • Team That Cares

    • Dr K K Talwar

      Chairman - Cardiology, Max Healthcare

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    • Dr Rajneesh Malhotra

      Chief - CTVS

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    • Dr Kulbhushan Singh Dagar

      Head & Senior Consultant

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    • Dr Kewal Krishan

      Sr. Consultant - CTVS Program In-charge – Heart Transplant & Ventricular Assist Devices

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